Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Animal magnetism

Boxes are magnetic to cats!
Photo taken by my sister
I was at work today and for some reason I asked about my time off for the coming Thursday. Since I would be having my MRI then. Problem was however: the traffic controller couldn't find any mention of that time off. But I knew they had done it! Why oh why couldn't I find the note I had?

Fast forward about twenty minutes and the traffic controller asks me to come to his office. The note was for today, not for Thursday. But the appointment is for Thursday though. Or is it? I got confused and in the end I phoned the MRI place and got the confirmation: the scan was today! 

So, I went in today. Took off everything with metal in. Was told to lie down on some board or other. Got some earphones. And was then rolled into the big machine. Twenty minutes of a big hammer trying to kill a little bird, of grinding, beating, rattling and a lot more noises and I was done. By then my hips hurt and it took a bit of effort to get off the board. 

I will find out in about four working days (from my regular doctor's office) whether it is prolapse or not. I suspect not. If it isn't, as I suspect, I want another referral. This time to see a gynaecologist. Which I feel is more to the point than the interesting MRI. 

To be continued...

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Easy peasy

Well, my sister and I had decided our first day would be a quite easy one. We would take a walk, yes, but it would be an easy one around a lake. Gravel paths all the way. She had her new walking boots and we both had a bit of provision and a bottle of water. We were all set. 

The weather was glorious: sunshine, cloudless skies and no wind. Temperatures around the 10 degrees Centigrade. A fine day for an easy walk. 

We got to the parking lot and found a place to park and then set out to take the photo at the top. After which we made our way to the gravel path. We saw lots of people, walking here, there and everywhere. The gravel path was nice and wide as well. Until it narrowed and we came to a bridge. We crossed it, but after that the path seemed to disappear and we decided it was probably very unwise to continue, so we turned around. 

We found the proper path again and kept following it again. It had widened considerably again as well, so we were quite happy. Of course we stopped every so often so I could exclaim over the view and more often take a photo of this, that or the other. Like the white toadstools I saw a lot.

Ten minutes later (about) we came to a lovely place with benches and even a little jetty. We felt we had deserved a little rest and had a little snack and a drink of water, enjoying the sunshine. No people around, only the sound of a few birds and a couple of dragonflies flying around. 

The rest being over we continued on our gravel path. Which lasted all of ten meters! But there had been one person passing us going the same way so we could continue. Over rocks and stones and a small narrow path full of mud and water! Typical!!! The photo above shows what we had to contend with. 

Unfortunately the path didn't become any better. Clambering over (admittedly smaller) rocks is not something that comes naturally to either of us, although for once in my life I had the upper hand. Fortunately the weather was still good and the views were fantastic as well. So, it wasn't all bad! And the people that were in such a hurry to get past us: "add a weight pack and see how well you do then" was all we could say! 

But we were slowly getting fed up as well. We were starting to feel the climbing and clambering and by now our lack of enough fluids. We had only brought one bottle each, thinking it would be an easy walk after all. We had seen and heard cars for about twenty minutes by then, but it didn't seem as if they were getting any closer! During one little rest however, my sister noticed some houses behind us, so I knew we were getting closer.

By the time we got back to the car we were both very tired and both very dirty as well. Especially my sister who had thought it wise to step ankle deep in some mud puddle! Oopsie! But we had made it and even though we were both tired and dirty, we were also very proud of ourselves. That 'easy' gravel path walk had not defeated us! Mind you, it was an early night for both of us...

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

What to do?

The strange lady in the middle is not here.
But this is the most recent photo of me and my sister together.
My sister is here. She arrived yesterday and will only be leaving again on Sunday. So, we have nearly a week together in my little wooden cottage in the Norwegian countryside. The question then of course becomes: what to do with our time together. 

Will we be jetting off every day to see this and that and lots more? Will we be going on hikes and walks in the area and perhaps a bit further afield? Will we be shopping and spending money? Or will we be spending our time at home in front of the telly or with a book? 

Well, it will be a mixture of it all. Although the first option will probably be used the least. Yes, we will be walking and hiking (she bought new shoes, they have to be used of course), we will be doing some shopping and we will very likely be spending a lot of time at home in front of the telly and/or reading a book. Especially when the weather will be a bit worse towards the end of the week. 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Photo on Sunday 2014-30

This photo was taken about two weeks ago. A colleague came over with her camera and took this shot. It took some tries to get one where she would actually be looking into the camera, but she managed eventually. The little blue thing in the bottom is her play mouse. She has an orange one as well and if that had been a real mouse: well, let me just say I am glad it isn't!

This second photo was taken last Sunday before my toadstool hunt. I just love how she is lit from behind. Mind you, I just love this kitty!! Her latest thing is her apprehension of the wood burner. She likes the heat it produces because she will stay in the living room and sleep in her box. But she is quite apprehensive of the crackling that is occasionally going on. She will get used to it though!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Photo on Sunday 2014-29

Or should this post be named 'toadstools on Sunday'? All these toadstools were found on my walk in the little nature area close to where I live. I especially love the red ones. What's your favourite?

Now this last photo doesn't show a toadstool, but actually moss. But since it had some colour and I found it on the same walk, it had to be included!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

A new job

I'll whip 'em into shape!
Last week as I was about to go home, I was stopped by the human resources lady. Whether I had seen the ad? Yes, well no, I hadn't. What ad? The ad for a team leader. She was sure it would be a perfect fit for me! 

Well, I wasn't as convinced. As a matter of fact, I turned her down immediately saying it wasn't something I wanted for a few more years yet. Because a team leader has to be able to communicate with the members of the team (fellow busdrivers) and relay information to them. Plus write a weekly report, do some basic illness follow-ups and several other things. I felt that I hadn't the necessary Norwegian knowledge to do all that. 

For some reason though, I kept thinking about it. Mainly because one of the colleagues present when she asked me, kept talking about it. In front of others. Great! And he seemed to think I would be perfect at it. So did the current team leader I would be taking over from. 

In the end I wasn't sure anymore. I needed to know more. My own team leader was away on holiday so I asked another one. What did it entail, how did he like it etc etc. In the end I went up to the human resources lady and said that even though I was still not 100% (about 99% actually) convinced, I was willing to give it a go. I had done something slightly similar years ago in Italy and that had worked out fine, so why not here? 

The end of the story is: you can congratulate me! I got the job. I will still do the driving I normally do, but add to that all the other duties! It will be temporary, but with a chance of becoming more permanent! I am moving up in the world...

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The doctor

As you may know I have been battling pain in my leg and lately in my lower abdomen and side. And even I realised I took a few too many painkillers. So, two weeks ago I made an appointment with my gp and today I was finally able to go. Because I was due to go to the doctor I had decided not to take any painkillers this week. Turns out, I needn't have done it all during the summer: the pain usually subsides after an hour or two/three! Typical!

However, the doctor listened to me (after adding the tetanus shot to my details first) and then told me to put my right foot to my knee and slowly down again. Same with the left foot. Then I had to take my shoes and socks off and walk on tippy-toe. And then on my heels. No problem! I had to lie down and she scratched the soles of my feet with needles and other thingies. Whether I felt it at all? And all the while I was thinking: it's my abdomen woman!

After a few more things with my feet and my legs, she told me why she was testing my lower extremities. By what I had told her, she severely suspected something wrong with my spinal cord! Okay...

Anyway, since I could feel everything (including the vibrating thingy to which I couldn't find the right proper Norwegian term. It was vibrere. Duh) and was in no pain when she tried to put my legs in my neck, she was at a bit of a loss. However, she felt it would be wise to get a second opinion and now I am being referred to having a picture taken. Not quite sure whether it will be x-ray or something else, since she asked me whether I was claustrophobic. But, something is being done to find out the whys and whats!

Now I just have to wait until I get called in for my photo! Oh, and I have to make an appointment for my favourite kind of examination: a surgical smear!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Photo on Sunday 2014-28

Well, this week's focus was of course mainly on Oswin and her run-in with the cow doo-doo and its aftermath. 

My arm has stopped hurting again and the scratches/bruises are nearly gone. 

However, last weekend I spent at the Tide Games in Voss of course. 

And on the way back home we had the most glorious weather imaginable. 

Blue skies, little wind and added to that beautiful views of Hardanger Fjord amongst others. 

I couldn't pick the best one (if you could please, I might use it in this year's calendar!), so a little collection of the views. 

Please remember that all photos were taken from a moving bus through a not dirty but not clean window either. 

I did my best!

Friday, 19 September 2014

What if?

What if I hadn't gone to Bergen on holiday?
Would I have been working in Norway now?
What if? What if I had gone to nursing school? Would I have been a happy nurse right now? Working in a Dutch hospital, caring for the sick? 

What if? What if I had stayed in France as a tourguide? Would I have married some Frenchman and had lots of French babies?

What if? What if I had stayed in England as a waitress? Moved hotel only instead of moving back home. Would it have been a better choice?

What if? What if I had gotten into the army as I planned? Would I have been sent on a mission to Bosnia or Afghanistan and come back a different person?

What if? What if I had been offered the job in the biscuit factory? Would I have been content with packing chocolate biscuits for the rest of my life?

What if? What if I had left ten seconds later from the last stop in Belgium? Would he have lived and made his way over to England eventually? 

What if? What if I hadn't moved to Norway? What would my life be like now? 

What if? What if? What if? One of the most dangerous questions in the world. It's an easy opening to the blame game. I know. I played that game. If I had left ten seconds later, I would never have seen, let alone hit him. 

The game is a two-way street however, even if he couldn't 'play' it with me. The person who did though (Miss Vavoom who was a psychologist I think), gave me the other side of the what ifs: What if he had not crossed the road or what if he had run faster/slower? 

What if bananas were square and blue?

Second Blooming
This post is prompted by Spin Cycle. Thank you Ginny Marie at Lemon Drop Pie. 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

The story continued

What about those scratches though? Those scratches that Oswin had finally (after her fourth bout of water) had decided to give me. Two long ones on my chest and a couple of shorter ones on my left shoulder where she had just attached herself, trying to get away from the water in any way possible. 

I am used to being scratched by cats. I have been scratched by every single one I ever owned. It's part of being a slave to a cat. But these scratches were a bit different. Because these scratches were made right after she had become intimately aquainted with cow faeces. Cow faeces that probably contained all sorts of weird and definitely not wonderful stuff. 

So, after my shift today, I made my way to the 'legevakt' or emergency doctor's help. I told my story and they agreed with me: it might be handy to get a tetanus shot. Especially since the last time I had had one, was in November of 1991, right before my move to France! Out of date perhaps?

I didn't have to wait long, told the whole story again and then I got the shot in the arm. Now I just have to watch out for pussy (as in the yucky yellow liquid) scratches and fever. Other than that: I am sorted!

PS: It's a good thing this is not smell-o-blog, because even though her bottom and tail now smell like apple shampoo, her head still smells like shit, which really is a bit wrong way round to be honest. She has forgiven me though and was drooling all over me last night.