Wednesday, 4 March 2015


The original plan for me was to have both the uterus and both ovaries and other assorted equipment removed. Once they saw that one ovary was actually still fine, they decided to leave that one in. Especially since there was no cancer. It also changed the treatment I would have afterwards. Originally I would need hormone treatment to keep me from being menopausal at once and keep me from developing more problems like cancer, cysts or whatever. Now however...

Because one ovary was left in, I would not get menopausal. Which in turn would mean no hormones. But. There was a severe case of endometriosis. And in order for that not to come back any time soon (hopefully never), I would have to take the anti conception pill for the time between now and the natural menopause. With a little twist though. The first month would be different. Because only two days after coming out of hospital I had an injection that would effectively stop the workings of the ovary and throw me into early menopause! Albeit for a month only.

Well, it has hit! Last night as I was watching television I was throwing off my blanket, pulling it back on, throwing it off again etc etc. Two more weeks and then I will start on the pill. And hopefully my body will go back to 'normal'!

PS: thank you to Yamini for the inspiration of the title. And the cartoon which I loved and used here. Mainly because I have been drinking so much apple juice lately!

Monday, 2 March 2015

On my feet

After two weeks of sitting at home, occasionally getting out to go to the shops/pharmacy/doctor's, I was getting quite bored. I even wrote about it last week! Since then I have gotten a bit more used to it. Today I needed milk and bread and stuff and I got in touch with one of my colleagues who came and picked me up. And she uttered the words: shop or do you want to go to work? Well... why not work?

So, I ended up at work. Where I was able to talk to colleagues, have a little laugh and basically see something else than just the beautiful view from my living room window! After that she took me to the wool shop (we both needed knitting needles), the supermarket, the pharmacy and the flower shop. We had a little lunch and then she drove me home. I must admit that I was tired by then. A lot more tired than I had thought! 

Not even half an hour later, I found myself with a new coffeetable. Last night a colleague came by with pizza and he offered me a new table. Or basically a table, since I was still using moving crates! It's a nice coffeetable, a bit higher than the crates I used before and a bit bigger as well. But it looks nice and it certainly holds a lot more stuff! As long as it's not too small: it will fall through the gaps in that case!

I am on the move again!!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Photo on Sunday 2015-07

Julius, Sophie, Mathilda, Wuppie and Linette in the order that they left my home. And once Miss Oswin leaves (hopefully after a long long life with me), she will be joining them up there!

Friday, 27 February 2015

All better (well...)

As I was in the midst of waking up this morning, my half asleep body turned over on its stomach! I didn't scream in pain, I didn't wince, I hardly even noticed. 

My visitor this afternoon mentioned something else: I was actually walking straight backed! No more hunch, no more stoop, no more doubling over. 

This morning I took my last morphine based pill. So, now I am on paracetamol and antibiotics only. A great step forward from the five pills a pop I took when I first got out!

And of course it's the weekend. So, life is good!

Thursday, 26 February 2015


She never seems to get bored!
Being on sick leave is boring. Now don't get me wrong, I know I am on sick leave for a good reason. I have to recover from an operation. And my body is thankful for the rest. I can walk upright again (you should have seen me when I first got home, I needed a stick to keep me from falling over). The pain is getting less by the day. The infection is finally clearing up (although I now have a severe case of the itch thanks to the bandages). 

I even told my mother last night that I wouldn't have minded another visitor to stay with me for a week! And the people who know me, know that that is a GASP-moment! Since I usually get itchy after only a few days. But so far: one week with my sister, one week in the hospital and one week with my mum and I could still stand more.

The main reason of course is the fact is that I usually meet people on a daily basis. I go to work, I meet and talk to colleagues, passengers, shop personel. My head gets busy dealing with everything. I need to relax when I am home. But now I don't meet people on a daily basis. I don't go to work, so I don't meet any colleagues or passengers and I don't go to the shops. Well, hardly anyway! My head doesn't fill with new things. 

Instead I blog (one way of getting to my goal), I play games online, I watch television. I have plenty of books and a whole lot of knitting waiting for me as well. Yet, I am still bored. Or at least, my head is. Four more weeks. I had better start a project!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A visitor

As I was watching something this morning, I thought I heard a noise. Was somebody trying to get in, was somebody trying to get my attention? Miss Oswin didn't seem to be too bothered, so I forgot about it. Then a few minutes later, I heard a sheep! Oh no, another escapee! But, since Miss Oswin still didn't seem too bothered, I again forgot about it. 

Until I let Miss Oswin out. She was starting to play with things she is not supposed to play with, so it was time she got some fresh air. And there she was. In my garden. The escapee! Drinking water from the wheel barrow, eating grass, making sure the manure was well spread all over!

Since I don't know who the sheep belongs to, I can't ring the farmer. I know she should be in the field behind the fence, but in my condition I am not good in catching or herding a sheep. So, for now she can eat grass as much as she wants and if she wants to make sure the grass is well manured (is that a word?), she can do so! 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


1. I had a cat called Julius.
2. I don't like mushrooms.
3. I don't mind mushroom soup though. As long as there are no mushrooms in it.
4. I have the whole series of M*A*S*H on dvd.
5. Yet I still will watch it on television when it's on.
6. I love Eurovision (in case you didn't know).
7. I don't remember much from when I was 16 years old. 

8. My favourite flowers are carnations. Especially deep red ones. Even if they are considered funeral flowers here in Norway.
9. I cried buckets when I saw Hachi. Embarassingly so. Really, it was ugly! Like snot and such!!
10. I spend too much time on the internet. Even if I am on sick leave.
11. I like reading romance novels. You know the ones: boy meets girl, they fight over something silly, they make up, they live happily ever after.
12. Yet, I am reading The Gulag Archipelago by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn at the moment. Not light reading by anybody's standards.
13. I can't think of a number 13. I really can't.
14. I always try to sit on the right hand side of a plane, preferably by the window.

15. I have amazing friends and family.
16. I don't really like roses. 
17. I have close to 300 Christmas films.
18. I turned 28 in 1999. 
19. I have one little brother and one little sister.
20. I am however the smallest of the three. 
21. I have been known to become travel sick on both bus, car and boat.

22. I am a romantic at heart. Deep down.
23. I used to be so surprised when boys knew my name. Even if we had spent eight years in the same classroom!
24. My first car was a Fiat Panda. 
25. I don't really have a favourite colour. I like different colours for different things.
26. My eyes are blue. 
27. I still have a teddy bear, although it has been a few years since he last spent time in my bed.
28. This post has taken me about two hours to write. So, you had better appreciate the effort!!!

This post is prompted by Spin Cycle. Thank you Ginny Marie at Lemon Drop Pie.

Monday, 23 February 2015

In stitches

Thanks to yet another colleague of mine who came and picked me up, I was able to make my way to the doctor's office this morning. Don't worry, it was a planned visit, because the stitches were due to come out. 

I say stitches, but they were in fact staples. I have been feeling a bit stationary lately as well, so perhaps one has to do with the other? Anyway, back to the subject at hand. The staples were due to come out. In the hospital I had been given a gadget to take with me to the doctor's office and of course I remembered about it when we pulled up in front of the office. Typical. But, I figured they would have something as well. I was right.

I got into the room, where I had to lie down on a bed. Which they first had to lower, since it was too high up for me in my condition. After I had settled, the assistant got to work with her thingymebob. It didn't hurt a bit. Well, the first three didn't. Then came a few that were a bit iffy, but once they were out, it was fine. Until...

Until she got to the lowest ones. Now, remember I have got an infection and that is where the infection is residing. Not only is it painful, it is also red, oozing and swollen. And especially that last bit (swollen) caused the most pain. Because the staples had to come out. I really had to grit my teeth! In the end the doctor came in, took out the last 3 staples (out of 32) and started to clean it. He then dressed it again, gave me a new prescription for antibiotics and told me that if in three days it wasn't on the mend, I needed to come back.

I now have only a few pills to take every day. Only three different ones (as opposed to the five I took before). The paracetamol and antibiotics I take four times a day and then there is a morphine based one that I take once a day. I am definitely on the mend!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Photo on Sunday 2015-06

My own little corner. Perfect for the sick! Thank you for the cards Pepperfly and Gera.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Out and about

The doctor had given me a sick note to hand in to the relevant people. Which meant that on Tuesday me and my mum had to make our way to the local sick pay office. Now, my mum is not a confident driver and if she could have avoided it, she would have. But she couldn't, so she had to drive. All of three miles in an unknown car, on windy and narrow lanes and with a patient beside her. And she managed great! I was so proud of her!!

First we drove to the school where we parked, because from there we would take the bus, avoiding traffic. After the bus there would be a bit more walking to get to the building we had to be. Then walking to the pharmacy and to the shop and then back to the busstop to go back home. By the time I got home I was feeling it.

The next day (Wednesday, so a week after surgery) I needed to get my hormone injection, which meant a visit to the pharmacy to pick up said injection and then to the doctor's office. This time I was picked up by a former colleague and taken home again. So, not much walking. 

That evening however, I had a bit of a mishap. We had a visitor and all of a sudden, after taking a bit too big of a sip of tea, I had to thrust my cup in the visitor's hand, get up fast and spit out the tea and have a coughing fit. Not good for somebody with an incision in her stomach! After I got back in my seat, I felt some wetness, but thought it might have been some spilt tea. The visitor left and I had a look. I called back the visitor to drive us to the doctor's because it wasn't as it should have been. 

At the emergency doctor's office they took off the bandage and had a look. The wound was nice and clean, but there was some wound fluid coming through. And the blood test they took showed there was the beginning of an infection there as well! They redressed it and then presribed a course of antibiotics. More pills!

Fortunately since then it hasn't become worse. I now have the means to clean the dressing myself, although my mum is doing it as long as she is here, because that is just easier. Better access and all that. I have taken it a lot easier and have been trying to sleep on my back more instead of on the side. But an occasional trip to the shop is not to be sniffed at either. Because even though I live in a beautiful spot, seeing the same thing day in day out can get a bit too much!

The pain is however decreasing and my mobility is on the up. Not ready just yet for a big hike, but definitely better than I thought. Which is good, since my mum is leaving today and I will have to fend for myself! Oh, and for Oswin as well.